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Women Empowerment

Sri Lanka was the first Asian nation to have a female ruler (Queen Anula) and the first country in the world to have a female prime minister (Sirimavo Bandaranaike). The women from the plantation communities are no inferior. Statistics state that they are major bread earners and also work for longer years than men.  

But these women are hounded by problems. On one hand are economic and social problems such as financial troubles, alcohol addiction among men etc while on the other hand are health related issues such as gynaecological problems (especially related to maternity) and their personal hygiene.  

Prajashakthi helps women overcome each one of these problems through proper counselling and assistance.  

Prajashakthi encourages savings among women. The lesson that they are taught is:

  • Income minus Expenditure is not savings
  • Income minus Savings is Expenditure

This way women are gradually learning to save part of the income for their children's school fund and exigencies.  

Prajashakthi also addresses the issue of alcoholism (see social mobilization). And as declared by the UN Millennium Development goals, the Foundation emphasizes on gender equality too. Majority of Prajashakthi trainers are Women!!    

  • With regard to women's hygiene problems, Prajashakthi encourages women to develop good sanitary habits such as the usage of toilets, sanitary napkins etc. The Ministry of Youth Empowerment & Socio-economic Development helps Prajashakthi in building bathrooms thereby providing clean sanitation.
  • Prajashakthi also educates women on female health and helps them deal with puberty, pregnancy, menopause and other female health related issues.
  • In the process of making them self reliant, the program brings together women in small groups, to assist each other with day-to-day issues such as alcoholism, health and child nutrition and of course financial problems and find solutions with the help of the Foundation volunteers.
  • The Thondaman Foundation makes women aware of their social rights, and works toward arming them with information, knowledge and education. This effort of the Foundation exposes women to the various opportunities available to them.