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Social Mobilization

If a finger or leg or an organ alone grows in our body, we don't call it growth. Similarly, if development is not all round, we can't call a society 'developed'. Each individual must realize what is good for the society and work towards it. That is social awareness. Prajashakthi works with this motive of making the society aware.  

The Prajashakthi Community centres take up the responsibility of:  

  • Educating communities on the importance of cleanliness
  • Ensuring that the line rooms (houses in the plantations), Well surroundings, School surroundings etc are clean
  • Taking complaints on leaking water pipes and other maintenance problems and report them to the concerned authorities
  • Educating people on usage of public bathrooms
  • Encouraging the concept of Sramadanam meaning voluntary labour.

Prajashakthi also helps the Government agencies in issuing National ID cards (citizen identification proofs).  

Prajashakthi proves instrumental in checking anti social activities in the community areas. Cases of illicit liquor are brought to the Foundation's notice by the local youth. The staff of the Foundation in turn alerts the Police. The Police take necessary action without giving out the details of the informers.

The Grama Sevaks, the Police and the Government Agencies are extremely supportive of Prajashakthi's endeavours in addressing the issues in the society and even eradicating them.

A prime cause of concern is alcoholism. Prajashakthi strives to create awareness on the issue by distributing reading material, putting up posters etc. Children also do their share by staging street plays.

Speaking of street plays, children in the plantation communities channelize their creative energies into writing and enacting street plays which they use to create awareness on problems rampant in the society such as child abuse, child labour, education, sanitation and of course alcoholism.