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Objectives of the Thondaman Foundation

TheThondaman Foundation has prescribed objectives to bring about clarity in the purpose of the Foundation. Listed below are the objectives as outlined by the Thondaman Memorial Foundation Act, No.19 of 2005.

  • Promote peace, goodwill, understanding & cooperation among all the Sri Lankan communities.
  • Promote and encourage inter-communal harmony & social integration.
  • Promote religions, educational, vocational, social, political, economic, aesthetic and physical development of Sri Lankans.
  • Enhance the knowledge and understanding of Sri Lankans in the economic, political, educational, cultural, social and aesthetic fields.
  • Improve the living conditions of the people, who are economically and socially disadvantaged, including any improvements to their shelter and the provision of other infrastructure facilities.
  • Connect and build relations with local and foreign institutions that have similar objectives as those of the Foundation.
  • Provide financial or other assistance to any person engaged in any activity which is similar to any of the objectives of the Foundation.
  • Organize seminars, workshops & training programmes in Sri Lanka and abroad on economic, political, educational, cultural & social fields.
  • Organize programmes for creating awareness among the Sri Lankans on Human Rights, duties and access to justice.
  • Provide adequate facilities for the improvement of sports and recreation capabilities of Sri Lankans.
  • Maintain and utilize the "Thondaman Culture Centre at Ramboda, the Thondaman sports complex at Norwood, and the Thondaman vocational training centre at Hatton", in order to secure the objects of the foundation and for any other purpose which the board may consider fit.
  • Provided however, that theThondaman Cultural Centre at Ramboda, the Thondaman sports complex at Norwood, and theThondaman vocational training centre at Hatton shall not be used for any political purpose, and; Act as required or is conducive for the achievement of any or all of the above objectives.

Source: Published as a Supplement to Part II of the Gazette of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka of June 17, 2005