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Knowledge is power and the only way to gain it is education.  

Education not only provides knowledge and information, but also helps us earn our bread and butter.  

It gives us the maturity to understand our problems and the courage to solve them. 

Perhaps that is the reason even the United Nations includes "Universal primary education" as its millennium development goal.

Perhaps that is also the reason Prajashakthi takes broad steps towards educating the children, girls and boys alike, to open up opportunities their older generations were deprived of.  

Prajashakthi enhances the quality of education by designing effective learning modules to the students.  

Special tuitions are conducted after school in all subjects with special emphasis on English, Maths and Science. The Foundation also conducts coaching for the Scholarship Exam Preparation for the 5th standard students so that they can perform well in the exam and avail free education post 5th class too.  

Apart from the stuff in the text books, they are also taught:

  • The world affairs
  • Environmental awareness
  • Natural resource conservation
  • Computer and Internet applications (see e-learning) etc

If you thought that this education module is all work and no play then you will be surprised to know about the extra curricular activities! Prajashakthi has:

  • A sports club that has facilities to play Basket ball, Football, Volley Ball, Cricket, Ring etc. This club has a sports meet every month and also an Annual Sports Meet.
  • A Drama Club - the kids write their own street plays and enact them. Most of them address the issues prevalent in the community. With a dash of humour and a tinge of rhyme and rhythm, their plays are entertaining and also enlightening.
  • A Cultural Club that adds colour to all events held by the Foundation.

The children also celebrate all International Days